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Bob Mac Culloch has been such an inspirational and motivating manager!

I started with First Team around the same time Bob did and it's been a wonderful and lucrative 6 years under his guidance! He is always there for his agents offering support and encouragement, and by his example, we are always there for each other as well. It's such a collaborative atmosphere in the office and it's all to his credit. I often pass by him rushing to an appointment asking him to wish me luck and he always replies in the same way, "You don't need luck, you've got talent!" I can't imagine ever joining another office. Thank you, Bob!

Alexia Rusinek

Bob is the greatest manager I can imagine.

His knowledge of real estate and anything related to it is amazing. Each and every week, at our office meeting, I learn something. He is also a phenomenal inspirational speaker. He keeps me motivated, and helps how to achieve my goals. He stood behind me when I needed his help and figured out how to solve the problem. I feel very lucky that he was my manager and coach from the very beginning of my career, and I know I can count on him anytime!

Andrea Karpati

When I joined First Team in January 2015 it was because of the connection I made with Bob Mac Culloch.

He exemplified what I was looking for in a Manager; someone who is caring, supportive, knowledgeable and a consummate professional! It has been a pleasure being a member of his Yorba Linda Team and I look forward to working with him for many years to come...


Bob was the best!

Veronica Dilva

Hi Bob, It was great meeting you and thank you for the information that you have share with us.

Call Bob Mac Culloch if you want the very best real estate services.

Daniel McGhee

Bob has been the manager of the First Team Real Estate office in Yorba Linda since I started real estate almost 3 years ago.

In the time I have been there, I have had the privilege of receiving the guidance and instruction of Bob’s extensive and intricate knowledge of real estate, communication, and negotiation skills. The professionalism with which he conducts the office meetings and one on one interactions has been the best example for me in my young real estate career. Bob also has an innate charisma that makes you feel comfortable coming to him for help with anything you might need. I could not ask for a better manager and I can confidently say, that many of my fellow agents would agree with me. Many of us joined not only First Team, but the Yorba Linda office specifically, to work under his impactful knowledge and direction. I hope to be blessed to work many more years with Bob.

Anna Martinez

Bob is a true team leader his experience and real estate knowledge is greater than the majority of managers.

My personal experience with Bob is he is invested in his agents success. Most managers are just recruiting machines, once you work for the company they don't have time for you. Bob not only recruits new agents but has a vested interest in helping the agents he already has at his office be successful. Bob is a man with integrity and is always good for his word. Not many people are like Bob. If you are considering Bob as your manager, mentor, or personal coach you will not be disappointed and never regret your decision.

Amy Alvarez

Working with Bob is a pleasant experience, He is very understanding and professional.

He can lead and coach his team to achieve their goals. It is an honor to work with Bob Mac Culloch.

Amir Maloumi

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